Farmland Inventory Project

BCDI’s Farmland Inventory is designed to ensure that working lands within the town of Bowdoinham remain available for farming activities and a benefit to the townspeople by preserving the town’s rural character.

This effort, with financial support from the Sewall Foundation, began in the spring of 2016 when BCDI board members and the Maine Field Agent from Land For Good began working with a local landowner whose 1,000 acres of farmland provided ample opportunities for data gathering. The group focused on gaining an understanding of the individual properties including their historic uses, potential uses, access to utilities (water, electric), boundaries, and current use tax basis. This provided a model for the intake form provided here, we invite you to take part in the farmland inventory!

I’d like to make my land available for farming, where do I start?

How can BCDI help me?

  1. Complete the Landowner Intake Form

  2. Schedule a time to talk with BCDI’s Farmland Inventory project team. BCDI’s role is to ensure landowners have a local resource that can help to navigate the process.

  3. Assess your goals and develop a property description

  4. List your property on New England Farmland Finder (NEFF) and Maine Farm Link.