Meet Emerald Builders: A BCDI Business Member

Emerald Builders

Emerald Builders is a building company based in Bowdoinham, and working across the Mid Coast region. We craft high-quality beautiful homes that are super energy efficient and made with environmentally conscious products and processes. This year Emerald Builders became a member of 1% for the Planet, which commits us to giving 1% of our gross annual revenue to environmental non-profits. To kick off our charitable giving we wanted to give back to our community, and supporting the Bowdoinham Community Development Initiative felt like the perfect way to do that.

We are a triple bottom line company, which means we focus on balancing the three P’s -- people, planet, and profits. We see the health of our society, the health of our ecosystems, and the financial health of our company as interlinked and dependant on each other. This starts with our commitment to building practices that minimize waste, maximize energy efficiency, reduce carbon pollution, and create beautiful structures that will last for generations. We also do everything we can to make our company a place where employees can succeed at the highest level and make carpentry a true career. Some of the steps we have taken are supporting continuing education, and assisting with access to quality healthcare.

Donating to non-profits, like BCDI, as a member of 1% for the Planet helps us to have an impact beyond our own building practices. As we work to create a better built environment we want to help fuel the change-makers who are working to make our society and environment better for all of us. BCDI does so much for small businesses and the Bowdoinham community at large with things like helping to preserve land for sustainable use, bringing the community together for important conversations, connecting citizens, the private sector and local government, and giving farmers and other small businesses a jumpstart to help them grow and stay here in our town.

Our passion first and foremost is home building. Current industry standard building practices needlessly harm the environment and occupant health, and waste precious resources and their owners’ money. Rooted in Maine’s long history of craft, we apply traditional principles of quality and detail to modern high performance buildings. Along with work for clients across the Mid Coast, we are very excited to be giving the old Bowdoinham post office a new life as the home of The Alcove, a coworking space that also houses our headquarters. When our renovation is complete we look forward to inviting you all to come see our work up close.