Bowdoinham Landowner Meeting

BCDI's farmland inventory project.png

As a community-driven organization that supports agricultural and other businesses, BCDI regularly receives inquiries about available land from new farmers or those looking to expand their farms. We also hear from landowners about their interest in having their land used by farmers. To assist making these connections, BCDI has been working on an inventory of current and potential farmland in Bowdoinham. These potential farmland areas could be leased to a farmer; areas as small as two-acres are of interest. Your property may have soil and land characteristics that are suitable for farming, grazing, or haying, and could help a farmer start or expand his/her business and produce food for our community.

To learn more, we invite you to attend a free workshop on September 25 from 5pm -7pm at Merrymeeting Hall where we will discuss with Bowdoinham landowners the benefits of making your land available to farmers, and address questions about setting lease expectations, goals, and structuring lease agreements with farmers. 

Hearty snacks from Turtle Rock Farm and drinks provided!